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Download ABCmouse Games is an educational app for kids aged 2-8. It covers a range of topics and was designed by teachers and education experts. You can download ABCmouse free on your mobile phone or PC for free. 

Functionality 5/5 app combines both playing and learning processes. It contains 10 levels, over 850 lessons, and 10,000+ individual learning activities to train reading, math, art, music, and other skills. During the learning, your child can customize his avatar and characters. It is easy to track progress with daily reports. After review, it is obvious that the app has all the basic functionalities to play and learn for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd-grade kids. 

Design 5/5 iOS has a good-quality app design. The lessons are visually attractive, and the games are fun and absorbing. It is very hard to involve children in the learning process, and graphics can play a key role here. In fact, the design exactly helps to build a love for education. For this, the developers try to use only bright colors, add flickering effects, animations, and so on. ABCmouse login has the coloring-in stencils, appealing animals, and other characters. 

Usability 5/5

The app is very simple in use and was designed to be understandable for youth kids. You, as a parent, can choose a learning path, which is based on the age and your kid’s academic abilities. Once you install the app, your child is prompted to create an avatar. It will be the main character, and in the future, you can change its appearance. After that, a player needs to create a teacher for the classroom, which is the place where almost all activities are performed. Here your child can learn different subjects through challenging puzzles, songs, online books and art projects, and, of course, games. 

ABCmouse download the latest version awards kids with tickets after they have completed a level. A player can redeem them for virtual prizes. The navigation in abc games is straightforward and intuitive. All the elements are placed on the screen, and you can activate and use them anytime. For this, just to tap on it. The customization of the avatars, rooms, hamsters is also fast and easy. 

Cross-platform use 5/5

ABCmouse app has versions for mobile phones and PC. Some activities you can even play online on the developer’s site. But it is recommended to download the app and get access to all features. works on Android and iOS. For the first one, it requires a 4.4 and up version, and for the Apple devices, your OS should be 8.0 or later. free download is also available on Amazon.

In-app purchases

The app is completely free to install. And during the first month, it is free to play. Then, you need to purchase a premium subscription, which is ad-free and without outside links. It costs $10.95 per month. You can use one account for up to three children. The developers make it possible to activate free subscriptions for public schools in the United States and Canada. For this, they need to apply for a special program. 

The Bottom Line is significantly varied and expansive in the range of tasks they have. The design is decent, the navigation is intuitive, and there is no inappropriate content. In fact, after review, we can say that the app is a good choice for youth kids to train their skills in reading, math, art, music, basic economic and social subjects. Moreover, it is available on mobile phones, tablets, and even PC.


  • Covers a range variety of topics;
  • Has a lot of customization tools;
  • Available on smartphones and PC;
  • No Ads.


  • Free during the first month;
  • Has only 10 levels.


The app is a good choice for kids to play and learn at the same time. It covers a lot of topics and subjects. You can download on the mobile phone, PC, or even play online on the developer’s site. The app is free to install.

Play ABCmouse Learning Games for Free

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